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Hermione the naughty and nice

We're playing offleash in a fenced area and Hermione keeps going for these balls in muddy waters.  I tell her no and stops, but she returns to it when I'm occupied with the kids.  Finally she just goes for it, starts digging and won't listen to no.  I walk over and scruff her and she yelps in surprise and perhaps because scruffing is slightly painful to me, but cleaning her will cost me points too.  She looks sheepish until I tell her "Good girl" and she runs off again.

I think we're going, so I call her over and she comes readily and walks alongside me to the other side where there's water.  I clean off her muddy face by splashing her with water from a pail which she's not happy about, but submits to and I'm wincing a little, but she wears a Halti and it can't be covered with mud. 

The kids decide they want to play again.  Hermione gets into the mud again.  I am now annoyed.  Hermione runs off and I know that I'm too annoyed to call her since calling should be happy.  She returns with a clean face strolling alongside Special K.  Special K says Hermione cleaned off her face on her own.  Special K says "That's just like Hermione."  It's true.  She is very considerate watching my patterns and yes naughty.  It's true that I will let her play in the mud during playtime if she cleans up herself.  What a dog.