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On Friday, Special K had her first science fair. I spent Sunday afternoon with her and two other girls trying to get them to write a paragraph each for the joint project on sundials they shared with Special K. I was pleased and proud to see that their project had more of their own writing and drawing than most including up to fifth grades. I really wanted it to be their work. More importantly Special K seemed very proud of her work and showed it to a bunch of people. She also took the time to look carefully at a lot of other science fair projects.

On Saturday we all went to the Festival of Books at the Children's Discovery Museum. I spent most of my time outside with Hermione having kids read to us. Some kids whispered, but they all read the entire book. I found it sweet. Hermione and I braved the crowds or rather I did and Hermione stayed close to me. Special K led us to her favorite exhibit, Alice in Wonderland. My favorite was the jars and plates floating up on a screen which gave the illusion of falling down. Special K said she didn't see the illusion, but I did and Hermione stared at it for a long time.

Then we went to a party of twins, one of whom used to be in Little T's morning preschool class. Now both twins are in the afternoon class. Little T said "[names of friends] have left me." I told him that they hadn't left, just moved to another class, but he wasn't convinced until he got an invitation from the twin. He also chatted with another former classmate whose mom it turns out is in the process of applying for a CCI Skilled Companion. Very cool.

On Sunday we went to my niece's first birthday party. I have nothing but cliches to say how time passes and kids grow. We attended with a bunch of babies since my brother and his wife's friends are all having babies. I felt nostalgic and also grateful at how far we've come. I felt incredibly grateful for the state of Little T. I tend to forget how hard it was and here are these moms of "typical" babies. It put to rest for now the worry of why I'm tired. I'm tired this morning, but content.