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Visit to parents

On Sunday, we visited my parents for my dad's birthday.  It was our first visit with Hermione and it went well. 

Hermione lay quietly on the floor despite the fact I forgot her bone.  Of course she got up if I left the room unless I asked C to watch her.  Everyone played in my parents' fairly large back yard.  The kids played endless and varied games involving running -- strange variations
 on red light green light where you were a suloki on green light or a frog and a panda on yellow light.  Hermione played fetch and then got tired.  Then she ran with several sticks which I took away from her when she started to chew them.  Then got tired.  Then ran around a third time.  The kids never seemed to tire until right before supper.  My mom made Burmese curry for supper.  We left late around 10pm.

Hermione has really excellent house manners.   She carefully deposited in a pile of leaves hidden behind some bushes and the other kind on the one patch of bark in my parents' garden.  Of course I asked my parents beforehand if it was okay.  With a dog's strong sense of hierarchy and pack, she must know in some sense, these people are my parents, though what that means to a dog I don't know.  Clearly she got the message it meant her best behavior. 

It reconfirms her occasional attempts at home are a test of my leadership which keep going down as I pay her the right kind of attention.  Yesterday she looked at me and then at some crumbs of chicken Tacitos as she walked by so I praised her for ignoring them.  One of my guide dog handler buddies says this testing goes on for a few months.  I want to say I can't wait for testing to stop, but something stops me. Perhaps an awareness of the passage of time.  Perhaps a feeling that it may never.

I want to write more about the kids.  My dad read Little T stories and Special K got impatient and started reading herself.


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May. 28th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
*HUG* Sounds like it was a really lovely afternoon.
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