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My sister and I talked about my book proposal and she gave me some great suggestions, including getting published in magazines. She told me I had to market myself as well as the book. "Why you should write this book and no-one else? What makes you an expert?" I replied "Anyone could write it. I'm not an expert." Then I realised I am an expert on coping with stress and difficulty. Mercifully few middle class USA mothers deal with what I do everyday. This may seem obvious, and I'm pretty sure other people have told me before, but sometimes it takes my sister to flip me around so I can see.

She asked me "Why don't you write about your own life?" And I felt scared and naked. I thought I was done denying I had a disability. And I had purged the shame, but no. This blog helps, because most days I want to write something if I have the time.

I'm writing a personal essay about shame and self-acceptance to submit to Brain, Child. If you're interested in reading it, please join the reading group where I submit drafts as I'm working on them. Please join the readcornes Yahoo Group. I just created it so it's very small, and you can just read and not comment, though I always welcome comments. Enjoy!