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Access with a service dog

Last night and today I didn't quite have my access for Hermione denied but called into question.

Last night there was a pause as we were waiting to be seated at this restaurant and this waiter said out loud "No... service dogs have to be allowed in restaurants." We were seated by the door. The kids behaved atrociously the worst I've seen in a while. Getting up. Both C and Little T spilled full glasses of water. Hermione snoozed quietly except for when cold water was splashed on her. I made her DOWN again. Another waiter came over with a cloth and said "Don't worry." Hermione settled near the wetness then with a sigh settled on some ice. She has resigned herself to a life of cold water.

Today I had to take both kids to the dentist and as we were walking in the dental assistant said "Dr [] says pet dogs aren't allowed." I said matter of fact "She's a service dog and she's allowed here. It's federal law." Nothing more was said. Hermione sat near Little T then I moved her and she sat further away and the dental assistant said "Thanks" Hermione took another snooze.

Little T screamed partway through the process tired of having his teeth cleaned and examined. The steroids have destroyed the enamel in his back teeth so I imagine it feels weirder than for the average child. Hermione helped keep me calm.


Mar. 26th, 2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
I don't want my kids to stand up for me but Special K is a vigorous defender of her mom. She has just not understood. Little T is too young.