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Things going well

Sorry I've been so long to update. Things have been very busy and intense for me in a good way. Hermione has changed my life. I just never realized how much I struggled each day to just get by. Hermione does more than just pick things up for me and open my fridge door. People treat me better. Folks open doors for me. When I ask for a straw, I get one directly in my cup. No fumbling around awkwardly with the wrapper or worse a straw in my cup with the "straw condom" on. Folks are patient with me if I'm slow or drop things even without my adorable kids. Yesterday I asked a weird question and the salesperson didn't blow me off but asked the manager.

I suspect it is the presence of my dog and that I feel more relaxed and confident.

It has just been a huge adjustment. Good, but huge

I was worried about integrating her needs into my daily routine. I'm still tweeking things, but it's been a lot more fun than I expected. Exercising with a dog is fun. We've walked everyday. Thanks to Hermione's wonderful BCs and PRs for teaching her house manners. She knows them all. Just testing me on one house manners thing (not eating the tons of food my kids drop on the floor. Testing is normal when switching handlers and especially normal for someone like me who's never had a dog before, but mostly stopped this weekend.


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Mar. 17th, 2008 05:23 am (UTC)
I'm hopelessly out of touch, but thinking of you frequently and so glad to hear about Hermione. What a different and exciting world for all of you. Enjoy it!
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