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LittleT ripped off his Broviac dressing!!

Little T's feeding tube was tucked into his onesie. I give him some Tylenol through his feeding tube and left his onesie open. He smiled and kicked his legs in the air. I walked over to the sink to rinse it down with water. When I returned, he was holding his Broviac dressing in his right hand! In a total panic, I called C. He told me he'd come home right away. In the meantime I should cover his Broviac with a gauze pad and Tegaderm. As I carried him to the bedroom, he started pulling at his Broviac. I was afraid he might yank it out. I grabbed his hand as I looked for any Tegaderm small enough to put on without cutting. None was to be found, so I made do with skin tape and a gauze pad. Please wish him luck and protection that this doesn't cause an infection in his Broviac It would send him back to the hospital.