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Organic cigarettes

I frequently buy organic products and if I smoked, I'd probably buy Natural American Spirit organic cigarettes complete with an image of a Native American smoking.

C found their glossy flyer next to the Palo Alto Daily. On the back it states

I'd read this and say "Well at least I'm not smoking additives as well as tobacco." The flyer also states "Natural American Spirit was created based on our belief in the traditional American Indian usage of tobacco - in moderation and its natural state." Great justification for smoking, except the image on the cover features an American Indian smoking with a traditional long pipe, not a cigarette. As C pointed out, it's also reminiscent of a drugstore Indian. I'm not sure I'd like that image if I were Native American.

I tried going to the Natural American Spirit web site but before I could enter, it asked me if I was a smoker. I answered no and received the message "You must be a smoker and 21 years of age to enter this site." I guess NAS knew that if I saw their addictive ads, I'd have no choice, but to smoke! Now I had a difficult dilemma, should I lie to get into the site? I asked C. Little T started screaming. But C came back and said "no" So if you don't smoke, you'll have to face this dilemma yourself. If you do smoke, you can try the all natural accupuncture to quit smoking.