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The naming of things

C got my files off my laptop. Hooray! Not so good --we'll have to replace the hard disk.

I have a nagging headache from the flurry of tree pollen brought on by the rains.

However I have small joys.
C is better and is in fact raking leaves as we speak. A rather useless task IMO but one that brings him satisfaction.

My CCI buddy graduated with hearing dog Naomi aka Meme.
The first hearing dog I ever met was named Maya and she graduated with hearing dogs Macon and Muffey. I have running joke with Maya's proud owner that all hearing dogs' true name begins with "M" and so Meme fits.

Also my best friend in high school called herself by her middle name Naomi. Then in college and beyond she started calling herself by her first name Maia (pronounced the same as Maya)


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Jan. 27th, 2008 11:39 pm (UTC)
Maia Naomi? That's a gorgeous flow of first and middle names.
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