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Nightmare and dorm assignment

Today started out awful with a terrible nightmare -- one of those nightmares just enough to seem real until I woke up. A bunch of college pals all gathered in a room, and saying I wasn't their friend anymore, and it wasn't until quite far into the dream that I thought to ask the reason and the reason was so absurd I woke up with "That's absurd." Still my heart hurt.

So I called C and chatted for 30 seconds. That was nice. And I felt a bit better.

Then more cup problems.

Then I fixed my cup.

I played Lego Star Wars for a while with Little T. It goes on and on and after a while playing hurt enough that it made me grumpy. Little T didn't understand my grumpiness at all. In his eyes, I'm a wonderful video gamer player. Special K already thinks I'm awful. So I think I should just set the timer and just play it for a set time even if the part isn't done.

The postal carrier actually came before 5 so I got to check the mail. I saw a small hand-written envelope from CCI and I was half-afraid somehow my dream was prophetic and CCI was rejecting for some absurd reason like in my nightmare. Well, I opened it up and it was my dorm assignment. For some reason I also got the Holiday 2007 CCI issue. I'm not sure if it's because I asked for the Holiday 2006 issue and they got confused, or they just give extra copies to people coming to Team Training. Oh well.