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Lovely again

Yesterday I had a fun night out with friends and my family. Though it went a little late for the kids, so we had to abruptly leave to avoid impending meltdown. My friends were understanding. At home Special K went to bed readily. Little T fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home.

Today I had a weird and unsettling incident, but the only permanent damage was cosmetic damage to a piece of property.

However the rest of the day was lovely. I awoke happy. When Little T got home from preschool, I had some sweet time alone with him. Lots of snuggling. A little chatting about his two fwiends. He ate and ate Cheerios and milk.

Then I had a fun chat with a friend. Then I worked out and had a nice meal out with the kids. The kids didn't like the food, but were pleasant company. Then off to bed again, sweet and easy.

The previous past few days were difficult and I started wondering if I had somehow veered off course as a mother. Clashes and hurt feelings and misbehaving -- a note from Special K's teacher about "talking not working." Special K seemed to be pushing and pushing the rules to see what would happen. Yesterday and today I felt good again.

Writing this, I realize this has always been Special K's way. Teaching her at age two not to run into the street involved time outs in public places. People staring. But I obviously couldn't let her experience the consequence of her actions and I knew she'd get too fast for me one day. It seemed like a century of time outs now and I wondered if maybe timeouts were not working. Then suddenly she's telling her friends all about street safety and she's still super careful about traffic and bossing her brother about it.