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Huge CCI Team Training manual

I received the huge CCI binder a few days ago. I read in one gulp then more slowly again. I'll prolly read it a third time before I go to Team Training

First of all I dunno why and it's probably albeist of me, but I'm surprised at the reading level of this thing. It goes in fairly complex detail about canine behavior and being a pack leader. Well no, I don't think it's ableist of me. It's more collegiate than business. A lot of business stuff I used to read is at a lower reading level.

It is mostly very dry interspersed with occasional photo funnies. The innumerable forms we have to fill out is prefaced by a black and white photo of an exhausted dog - mouth open and tongue hanging. The introducing your dog to your cats has an adorable photo of a dog snuggling a cat.

After reading it, I don't have many questions. But then I'm also someone who doesn't think physical action can be described well by pictures or words and the manual doesn't go much into the physical details of training a dog.

And I've entered a new level of worry. I was worried first that CCI would tell me I wasn't disabled enough. A secondary worry was I wonder if I'm up to it all -if I can manage dog, family's needs and my needs. Now it's clear that really I need this type of dog. Acceptance, but oh man I feel sorry for CCI trying to teach me physical skills in 2 weeks. I am no dummy, but I feel my physical learning is about ten times slower than my intellectual learning, because of my disability. Well, I told them at my personal interview and they did teach me how to do a correction after several attempts.

The letter all members of this Team Training got says to do everything you can to protect your health, and build up your strength and endurance. I take that seriously and have decided to restrict my meetings with others and try to go to the gym at least a couple times before I go.


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Jan. 9th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
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