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Yesterday I bought a Smart Glove at Fry's. It should help with my RSI. They sell them singly, not in pairs. Fry's only had one, so we went to Best Buy. There Kerensa exclaimed "You have to see this!" It was a Disney Princess TV.

We had a fun time at Sonya and Robert's party. Robert made cherries go up in flames. Torin was at his most charming and sat by himself on the floor for a bit. Then he sat in various people's laps and chewed on Jed's knee. Today Torin cried a lot so I guess we stayed too late. Jed brought along a new Treo, Ipod and the same camera we have. The first two gathered a small knot of geeks around him, including me. The Treo glows with lightup keys and chrome plating.

Today we walked downtown and ate dimsum. We browsed bookstores on the way home. And I saw Finding George Orwell in Burma
a nonfiction book in which the author used a pseudonym, because "she wanted to be allowed back into the country. It made me worry if I should use a pseudonym also for my novel The Road to Mandalay. Otherwise I might not be allowed back into Burma, or worse my mother won't be able to. Oh, well I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hopefully it won't be a bridge on the River Kwai.