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Leather anniversary gift

This morning at breakfast C gave me an anniversary present a few months late. He had given me a DVD on our actual anniversary of February 23, but it wasn't in theme. We give gifts based on the theme of the anniversary either traditional or modern. Quite silly, but it's led to gifts we wouldn't otherwise give or creative interpretation of gifts. This year I gave C a lovely leather jacket. And he gave me a leather case, which contained a Canon PowerShot SD400 digital camera. It's much smaller than our old Powershot S30 and takes pictures much faster too. I love it!

Using my new camera, C. took some videos of Special K jumping up and down and she hammed it up! She kept asking to see the video again and again and shrieked with delight at seeing herself. Half an hour later she said she was tired and needed to go to bed. Maybe we should take videos every night!