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3 months to freedom?

Yesterday Little T's GI doctor talked seriously about removing Little T"s feeding tube aka g-tube in three months.   His g-tube is responsible for all his ER visits in the past year.  Little T hates the thing and wants to be rid of it.  With the pump, he has accidents about once every two weeks where we miscalculate the amount his stomach can hold.  The result is traumatic for him and very messy. 

So about three weeks ago we switched to feeding him his supplement of 355 calories of gloopy liquid) via mouth.  We have so far managed to bribe him into drinking it every night.  He seems to be forgetting the pump trauma - good, but bad in that his appetite is slowly picking up, but is still not quite up to meeting his caloric needs to grow.

His GI doctor says Little T needs to get through a cold and not need the g-tube.  I have no idea if this is possible.

Right now Little T is growing, but he has little fat reserves.   He will eat food if I offer it to him, but most days it is a struggle to get him to eat enough.  His dietician's rough swag yesterday was that he was in fact eating under his caloric needs on two in-between days.