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Belated and in no particular order
I'm thankful for

  • baby Sam who shares the same birthday as me and is healthy and handsome.
  • handsome Little T who allowed me to savor this past year as a baby and then suddenly lept into toddlerhood in August. I'm so proud of you and daily in awe of your determination and yet equanmity. It's a real privilege to watch you grow.
  • Special K who tells me she's "not a princess". Already at age five, she's as one parent put it a very self-possessed girl. You lept into reading this year. I could say many other things, but you can already read so I'll just say that I'm very proud of you and you'll always be my little sunshine.
  • C who has tried really hard this year to grow with me. Not always an easy thing.
  • That we live where we do and can do what we like for the most part. For all that I complain about certain things like health insurance. I have health insurance and the freedom to complain. Luck especially when I think of how some of my relatives live and the millions here who just get by
  • Our new mini van - a frivolous thing to be thankful for, but it has brought our children such simple joy and me the freedom to drive
  • The daily hugs and cuddles I get from my kids.

Sorry gotta stop now.  Little T needs me.