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Last chemo ever?

Little T and I spent another afternoon at the hospital. Just as long, but half as exhausting, because I know he's making progress.

His hemangioma has shrunk quite a bit and his hematologist says this may be his last chemo treatment today. It hasn't quite sunk in yet. And after January's relapse, I'm not ready to believe that the chemo and steroids are over. Little T's hematologist showed me how his hemangioma appears smaller than before his relapse.

As usual Little T smiled hugely at his hematologist and even cooed at her as she unwrapped his arm. She remarked that he'd never done that before. I agreed and added that he used to cry when someone unwrapped his arm, but never for her.

He has gained weight(6452 g) and height (60.3 cm) though his head's the same size at 44.5 cm.

Then we walked over to the GI(Gastroenterology) clinic. I had a much nicer interaction with the GI Nurse Practioner (NP) this time. I told her we were feeding him 150ml via bolus just before he goes to bed and then 450 over the night for a total of 600 calories. He eats 0-2 oz formula and 1-3 tsp baby food per day. She merely replied to do the best I can and that the nutrionist would talk to me. So I guess she'd decided to stay out of the whole calories issue that got her in trouble last time. Good.

He's still not gaining weight at the rate of a normal baby his age. So the NP prescribed feeding therapy. And then she carefully introduced the topic of switching him from an NG tube the feeding tube that goes down his nose to g-tube, a feeding tube which requires surgery to insert a tube in his stomach. The G tube doesn't irritate the throat and esophagus and exacerbate reflux, which could be causes of his lack of eating. But she also held out the hope that his lack of appetite is due to low zinc. She said it will take three weeks to see if the zinc will increase his appetite. Otherwise his blood tests showed that he has no allergies and normal blood levels, except for very slightly elevated T40(thyroid levels). She said they'll check his T4 again in 2-3 months.

Then I drove to Jenn's house and Jenn told me that Special K was very sweet and independent. I said thanks. Right now she's clinging to me on my lap and whining. But it's true that I'd rather she behave well for others than for me.