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Daydreaming of dogs

They sent 4 dogs from my region away to Orlando the SE region. C says none of them were my dog. I have to believe that. Though one of the puppy raisers of said dogs said they were sent because they all had "service dog" skills. Both dogs that I specifically know about had not made a match at the last team training. One in fact was turned in November. So if the dog makes a match in November. That dog will have been waiting a year.

I read email from two of the folks in the SE region -- one missing her "moose dog" her beloved service dog who died and one waiting for her first service dog for two years. They have been waiting longer.

These are the facts.

Wildly impatient is an adjective the mom of a skilled companion used to describe her family's wait. I'm not sure I'd use that adjective.

Longing yes.

Patience is a virtue I've had to cultivate waiting by Little T's bedside with no real end date known.

Instead I find I anticipate as each team training draws near. As it does now. Then the time passes after I think they'll call and the hospital zen of not caring returns. It is not exactly a good state. I've given up hope of ever not waiting. I just sit there. It's not a bad state either.

And doubts also creep in each time. That perhaps CCI will never call. That somehow I've dropped lower on the waiting list. That the right dog will never come along. These doubts have nothing to do with CCI and everything to do with my own doubts about my right to have special needs.

It's funny if we were waiting for a dog for Little T I'd have no doubts at all. None. But yet while I think he'd love a dog for the companionship I don't think he needs more than a well trained pet. His left arm and hand are serious problems but I don't think having a dog to pick up things is what he needs right now. Rather he needs to work on his arm himself. And he's incredibly out going and social so he doesn't need a dog for other kids to come and play with him which I know is a problem for some other special needs kids. It certainly was an issue for me growing up but I've tried really hard to show how special he is in ALL the ways he is and at least for now he seems to know he's incredibly special.

I also know that when we're ready we'll take my dog to my daughter's school that has a population of special needs kids who may have never heard of these amazing dogs. I don't see that many CCI dogs going to Hispanics and I know that many love dogs.

I'm also really excited about the Reading to Dogs program.

I also just discovered that the next graduation date after this one is my wedding anniversary. Hrm.


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Sep. 25th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
Oh hon, the waiting is so very hard. Although I went through all that and am no longer *waiting* in the way you are, I can still very much empathize and I think that one positive outcome of the waiting is that it makes the moment of matching so very more special than it otherwise could be. I'd like to know more about the four dogs that were sent and how you found this out- sounds like you have some great connections in the community. ALSO... let's play a fun waiting game. Will you send me links and pictures for the dogs you think you may be matched with or that you'd ideally love to have??!?!
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