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No hurry yet

I also started looking at photos of CCI dogs again.  I do this both as a way to distract myself and also because I'm aware of the countdown until the next Team Training in November.  I try to remember the power of taking my time.  I realize that for a long time my cat Mori had this role for me in my life.  He would sit in my lap and purr and I would sit there and pet him -- slow down.  Then my children wanted to be held a lot which I alternately liked and found literally hurtful to my wrists.  Little T wants to be held a lot but never for long.  Special K sometimes wants a brief hug and has her nightly cuddle but it's also short.  I no longer have the 1/2 half "enforced" sit-down of breastfeeding or just holding a nonambulatory child.   I think I need it.

Yesterday I sat down in the park with the kids.  For the first time since Little T started going to the  park I wasn't really in super vigilance mode most of the time.  I relaxed because suddenly Little T can play in the 2-5 year old area of the park by himself.

I also note with some irony that the command to tell CCI dogs to relieve themselves is "Hurry"  Clearly hurrying is not something a CCI person is expected to do otherwise.   

Update: Tired.   Fixed typos and one factual error.


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Sep. 1st, 2007 02:06 am (UTC)
Yay for looking at pictures of CCI dogs! I think that CCI is unique amongst assistance dog training organizations in that I've found it to be the most transparent in terms of publicity of puppies in training, graduated dogs, COC dogs, breeders, volunteers, etc. Where else are you going to find websites and listservs and blogs with all this wonderful information to satiate the carnivorous appetites of those on the CCI waiting list and yes, even those who've already graduated and received dogs!?!?

Waiting is a good thing, though. You'll see.

Working on a response to your email.
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