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Shiny fridge

Shiny fridgeSee the shiny fridge I want to buy. C is currently testing to see if its slightly larger depth will interfere with kitchen traffic. He's pulled our current fridge out by 3 inches. So far I've noticed no difference. C notices slightly but then he moved the fridge.

4 doors good. AFAIK this is the only fridge with 4 doors. There are french door fridges but these have doors on the bottom that I find hard to pull out. The handles are still not quite what I would like as I'd prefer more curved handles but I think the greatly decreased weight of the four doors (plus actually having a fridge that's properly weighted) will
help a lot.

I'd really prefer more curved handles like these. They seem easier to grip. But that's not an option with the quattro fridge. More curved handles



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Aug. 18th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
I wonder, it might not be too hard to attach a strap or handle to the door... I'm thinking of something similar to a handle from a duffel bag or laptop bag that could be sewed or riveted on in the right place, or even a round loop of fabric looped behind the handle and through itself. (I have no idea what would be the most comfortable but I'm guessing you want something you could put your arm through and pull with your forearm maybe? and something that would stay out of the way for other users)

Come to think of it, there's probably nothing really wrong with screwing a new handle to the front of the door, like a big round safety bar you might find in a bath. But, if you go closer to the hinge side with it, it would require more force to pull open.

good luck, it looks promising other than that
Aug. 19th, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
C's looking into replacing the handle as a temporary solution but the roller mechanism on the current fridge is just broken.

The problem with a strap is that the ergonomics are still wrong for someone as tall as me. It'd work great for a dog though. :)
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