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Much to do about Little T

2 Doc apts in 1 day.  Holistic ped and hand doctor.  Both H's.  Yes we must have same letter in one day.  Useful information.  Little T will get yet more blood tests.  Good thing his tumor no longer sucks down blood so fast but must wait 2 weeks between first and second blood draw.  Maybe surgery for his arm someday but not today.

3 advocacy calls.  More useful information.

Call Head Therapist of Little T's home program.  More good information.

Information overload. Aie.  Try to absorb and write and write and write before I forget.

Then have dinner of salmon -- good brain food.  Holistic ped say "need fish 3 times a week" C says.  "But how?"  I see now why Little T says "But how" so often.  Then eat ice cream.  Yummy ice cream w/strawberries and chocolate.  Give me last gasp to write LJ.   Then words run out.  Thud.


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Aug. 9th, 2007 10:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the tip! :)
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