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Geekiness medical and parenting triumph

Yesterday C and I stayed up until 1am scanning in Little T's records and files so I could email them to this new doctor this morning.  We've been meaning to do this for months.  We scanned almost all his most important records except for his several arm MRAs.  This doctor is a holistic pediatrician so I was more trying to tell her all the countless drugs he has been given and his developmental issues.

I also updated a summary of his medical history.  I had forgotten I even had it and was trying to do it from scratch again for the school district.  Doh!

Little T has reams and reams of paper about him.  I doubt we'll get them all scanned in but it's a big deal to get the most important ones.  He sees most doctors at the same teaching hospital so they have all his medical records and his Western medicine pediatrician (whom we really like gets all copies of everything.)  But I hope we'll be going outside this hospital more and more. We love the hospital but we want him to get better.  It's been exhausting recounting everything verbally and copying and/or faxing everything by hand.  So this should save us some work.  Hooray!