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Puppy puppy puppy

Last Sunday we went to the home of some kind CCI Breeder Caretakers and we met their breeder Isabella and nine puppies.

There's nothing like the smell of puppies.  They smell of a combo of newborn and dog.

Three puppies dogpiling you at once all trying to lick you.  Puppies also chew on feet and jeans.

Little T romped with a puppy and laughed and laughed.

Puppies have round squishy baby bellies that are so fun to pet.

Puppies make huge messes.

Puppy fur is soft like a newborn's.

Several of those puppies stole my heart.   I know their names.  The rest you call with "Puppy puppy puppy."

But puppies are exhausting and I didn't even have to clean up after them.  After our visit I crashed where I lie just like the puppies do.