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Little T drank 2 oz! I jerked some, but he drank anyway. Our nanny also got him to eat about 3 tsp strained carrots! Hooray!

I suggested we all go for a walk and that Special K and I would eat out. Special K insisted "Just us two. You and me, Mommy." So Special K and I walked together downtown in the lovely spring day, the sky a picturesque blue, the birds singing. Special K showed me flowers, the joy of stepping on rocks and wading through thick grass. I lived in the moment, grateful that I had a beautiful healthy happy daughter. At the nearby pub, I ordered two burgers. Special K was thrilled to have her own hamburger, though she didn't eat much of it. We chatted about preschool, Barbie and the other people in the restaurant.

Especially when Little T was in the NICU, folks would say to us "It must be hard with two." I would often reply "No, Special K often lights up my day and reminds us to be joyful." Lunch with Special K made me happier than I've felt in days.