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Target is speech therapy

At Target Special K went through the long slow process of picking out a present for her friend who was having a birthday party.  Her first present was a dog that whimpered when you pet its head.  It drove me batty.  Whoever designed this toy should be forced to listen to a whimpering dog night and day.  Or maybe they do and this is their revenge upon the world.

Meanwhile Little T walked down the aisle and told me about or asked me about every single truck car and train that he could see.  It's the most talking he's ever done.  And it struck me that he can really tell me things now.  He's constantly telling me things. He tells me about things that are important to him.  It's a huge milestone that means he's ready for preschool.  Any preschool verbally.

But physically he's not there yet.  Yesterday which was exciting in a different way he played with a shallow paddly pool filled with ducks.  He dragged his left arm in the water with great effort.  Occasionally he tipped alarmingly as his head dipped close the water.  I had to hold down his legs as his left arm is still not quite up to the task of bracing that type of fall.  He's getting there though.