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Retirement party for a CCI dog

Good day over all. We went to the retirement party of the service dog of the woman who came to our house last week.

Dog came over and I petted her a lot. That was lovely and relaxing. Special K tried to get her to "do tricks" aka her service commands with varying degrees of success.

It became clear to me that the dog has two modes - service mode and pet mode. CCI had already told me this. I wasn't too clear how to get the dog into service mode but once I got her into service mode the dog did exactly what I commanded. I'm sure I'll work this out with my own dog. The dog occasionally obeyed Special K but it was clear she was doing it as a pet. I'm not quite sure how to describe the difference in words - a lack of alacrity in response not looking at Special K with any sort of intensity and often she would bring the object to me even though Special K asked her to retrieve it.

Lots of talking about service dogs and CCI and retirement. At one point the service dog woman said "it's like a family." I can see that already.

Lot of photos of the dog on a slideshow and later the woman even brought out two scrapbooks.

Little T floated about the party. Seemed very comfortable with the dogs. He started naming the dog. A big acceptance for him. Another dog came a former guide dog and Little T immediately learned his name. He came over once and gave the service dog a small little pat. Then he was off again and wandering around the house. It's very clear Little T will be fine with a dog in the house. I knew this already but it was great to see it yet again.


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May. 27th, 2007 05:08 am (UTC)
We had a friend who had a service dog (she was wheelchair-bound with extreme mobility problems) and the "mode" switch you're describing was quite apparent. With the CCI-logo dog-vest on, he was all business. I'm guessing you could train a service dog to be in service mode without putting something on him, but I'm sure some sort of signal will help (even if it's something *you* wear or carry.
May. 27th, 2007 06:02 pm (UTC)
The dog was wearing her CCI vest the whole time but she was at her own party at her own home so she went in out and of pet and service mode. Her owner said that it has to do with tone of voice. And it's true that I was more experimenting with giving commands to the dog than actually needing her to retrieve items for me. So that may have been part of it.
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