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Cheery Nanny is back. Little T remembers her from a year ago. He kept hugging her. Special K was excited too.

A very kind woman and her CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) service dog came to visit our house this morning. Our first dog visit. CCI is the org from which we're getting my service dog.

Special K immediately ran over over to pet the dog.
Little T was a terrible two. First thing he said was "scary dog" as if that was the dog's name. The dog was a fluffy Golden Retriever about 60lb but seemed larger with all that long fur and big soulful eyes.

Little T stood about four feet away from the dog watching with a little smile and a gleam in his eyes. The woman said "no not scary." I just talked to the woman and let Little T do his thing. After a while he stopped trying to be "scared" since he wasn't getting any attention from it.

I talked a lot to the woman who's amazing and gave me a few tips for having a service dog. The dog kept nestling her head in my lap. I fell in love. I don't think I've relaxed so much in days.

Cheery Nanny tried to talk to Little T about the dog. I just kept hearing him say "no." Finally I asked "Is the dog scary?" A:"No." Cheery Nanny stopped asking questions and went to make the kids lunch.

After lunch Cheery Nanny petted the dog for a while. Little T told Cheery nanny "hold me" a foot away from the dog. He again watched the dog with a small smile on his face. Finally he sat next to me and gave the dog a single pat. I said something like "cool" not to make too big a deal. Then after ten minutes of just sitting there watching the dog he remembered he was supposed to be scared so he scooted off to the other sofa and cuddled with Cheery nanny. He said "Bye dog." very happily. He only says bye to beings he likes.

I was amused and I actually found it very reassuring. This is exactly the progression he went through with sand and grass but he had less words back then. Loathed both of them at first. He now takes his shoes off to walk on sand.

He wanted me to know I pushed him a little by bringing a dog into our home. And to assert his right of control. I respect that.

Woman said she'd come visit again. Very good. I just realised I was a terrible host and offered the woman no refreshment. Bad Waterowl.


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May. 15th, 2007 10:56 pm (UTC)
"Cheery Nanny". What a great moniker.

I love goldens. I just wish their tails weren't so...everywhere.

When will you get your own dog?
May. 15th, 2007 11:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah our nanny really is cheery like 99% of the time. She's wonderful.

The dog's tail was calm and quiet. In fact Special K played "jump over the dog's tail." I never figured that was a game you could play with dogs but I received more lessons today in having a service dog.

LOL my daughter asks me that question all the time. Short answer: Anywhere from August 2007 to May 2009

Long answer: We're on a waiting list for Team Training. You go for 10 days and are matched with a dog that you learn how to care for and train and bond with. And hopefully get public certification. If you're a good human at the end you go home with a dog.

CCI has Team Training four times a year. CCI calls you 6-8 weeks ahead of time inviting you to Team Training. Next Team Training is in August.

Also I can get anywhere from a golden retriever to a chocolate lab (they seem black to me) and in between. Since I care mostly about temperament that's fine with me.
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