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I'm consciously trying to be less anxious about Little T's feeding. I realized that I was trying to make C feel the same level of anxiety as me. Of course if you're a parent you know this never works. And I realize that part of my anxiety is hormonal.

Last night we weighed Little T and he maintained the same weight despite the fact that last Monday we dropped his feeding by 30 calories and for 3 feedings this week he pulled the tube and didn't get his entire dosage. I am really very pleasantly surprised.

In the past few weeks he's started eating breakfast almost everyday and saying "I'm hungry." I haven't really acknowledged how he is a)increasing his total calories and b)recognizing hunger feelings. B is really really important to get off the tube.

I'm working on just offering him the most high calorie (and of course nutritious) food in a low key way. And trying remaining calm when he says "no". Like last night he only took one bite of C's salmon burger. Then later he asked for food and ate a 1/4 of a salmon burger on his own. His favorite food is "burger fries" though usually it's a beef burger. We go out and have one about once a week.

We've had a very difficult week and so I'm really happy that he maintained his weight despite all the stress and challenges to his caloric intake.


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May. 14th, 2007 07:29 pm (UTC)
That's really great that he's recognizing hunger feelings.

From what I learned in my maternal and child nutrition class, "normal" children this age will consume exactly how many calories they need in a given day given their activity level and growth needs. Little T is a bit different since he's being given supplemental feedings, but you are great to feed him when he's hungry, and to respect him when he's not. That way, he'll begin to self-regulate, and eat what his body needs. This is instinctual, and all kids do it *when left to their own devices*. Kids start to stray from this when we tell them what/how much to eat. (Also, if given a large variety of food, kids will naturally eat all of the foods that satisfy their vitamin and mineral needs for the day.) In other words, the more you let Little T decide what and how much to eat, the more calories he will get when he needs them.

Nutritionally, even though you are anxious, I think you are doing an awesome job. :.)

May. 15th, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)

And thanks for reinforcing this.
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