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Gymnastics and Occupational Therapy

C was able to see Special K at gymnastics for the first time. Special K is 50th percentile in height, but 25th percentile in weight. She just turned 3 last month and the class is for 3 year old and up, so she's one of the younger kids. Though most of the classes are filled with girls, for some reason, in her class, there's 3 boys and Special K. Next to the gym equipment and the older boys, she looks tiny and slim, a good gymnast I suppose. Except that she's only taken 4 classes so far. Still she tries to do everything with a plucky happy spirit that I find utterly endearing. She can now execute a forward roll on an incline, walk along the uneven bars, jump on the trampoline in a somewhat organized fashion and climb a ladder. When she jumps around, she laughs. I love watching her and so did C.

Then we went to one of Special K's friends birthday party. We all had a lot fun doing our favourite things -- talking for all of us and Special K got Craig to read her several stories. Then she stood in the paddly pool and scooped up water and watered the jasmine.

At 7:30pm we received a call from P, Little T's new Occupational Therapist, who's provided by Early Start. P asked to come over then and there. So Little T had a therapy session. P specialises in hand therapy, so he emphasized Little T using his left arm. We didn't know that Little T could hold anything with his left arm, but you can tuck a stuffed animal under that arm. How sweet! We'll do that more. It's such a huge relief after months of trying to get an OT to finally have one and as an added bonus, an OT with many years experience in hand therapy.

As usual, our lives are filled with blessings in disguise. I was pretty crushed when I heard that the usual Early Start agency in our area had a long waiting list, but if it hadn't, we wouldn't have been able to get P. Or at least not for free.