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Two days ago I had a special hatred in my heart for parents in my area who won't immunize their children. 

I had told Special K "No shots today."  Well she needed another Varicella shot because there's an outbreak here.  I blame the novax parents for that.  She also needed Hep A as well.  Okay the reason she can get that is due to globalization which I don't hate.  Bacterias have the lovely quality of being able to last for a while.  And I understand that there are millions especially in the third world who don't have access/can't afford immunizations.

Special K screamed and screamed and screamed mostly before the shots were given.  I felt bad that I had forgotten about the Hep A.  I can understand her feeling of betrayal.

We decided to give Little T Pediarix that day also.  He just let out a soft whimper.  No big deal after so many blood draws and transfusions and other nasty procedures.  Reactions -so far so good.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.