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Welcome to my blog! I wish I could give you a nice hot cup of tea, but this will have to do.
Please sit down with me, and read a slice or two, or maybe even some chunks of my life.

My online experience began with Bitnet, then I put my college Bryn Mawr on the Internet. I created personal web pages. A variety of people stumble through them over the years. A few take the time to send me email. It delights me to see what evoked a response.

But as my daughter says "I felt shy." Several years ago I kept a Live Journal with a nice happy picture of me. My live Journal entries are before this intro. But I found it hard to write about what was really happening in my life. Without honesty, it felt flat to me and I found it difficult to write in it regularly. So I decided to start again with a new blog. More therapeutic, and definitely self-indulgent. But then aren't most blogs?

I feel less bizarre the more I write. I also feel more lucky. I have a wonderful husband who's incredibly supportive and loving and two very sweet happy children. I live in a beautiful location with great weather in the USA. We can afford most things, even a house in one of the most ridiculously expensive areas in the world. The saying goes "Well, at least you have your health." Sometimes, sometimes not. But I know that if my son had been born in Burma, he wouldn't be alive today.

A lot has happened and the past 8 months has been very difficult to deal with, let alone write about, but it's time now. OTOH my life always has hilariously funny and silly moments. I kept a bit of a journal offline and I sometimes go back and write some post-dated entries. I've already edited this intro a couple times. Like life, it's a work in progress.

I don't use real names, unless I know they're in the context of things that person wouldn't mind having revealed about them. If they're not, please email me.

Please enjoy my blogs, leave comments. You are not alone.