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Little T started screaming again just now. That reminded me of last night, which I had put out of my mind. Last night we figured out at least one reason Little T was screaming yesterday. C checked Little T's Broviac dressing and found a nasty red rash and some fluid underneath. Some vomit had probably washed under the dressing and his skin was irritated from the acid. Of course we didn't know that for sure, and C didn't want to remove the dressing in case it was an infection. A Broviac is a central intravenous line that goes directly through the jugular vein which quickly flows to the heart. Not something to mess around with. So we contacted the Hematologist on call. He told us to take him to the Day Hospital, which was open until 10. What a relief we didn't have to go to the ER, a huge germ factory, which costs us $100 for the privilege of visiting.

My mother's intuition was so sure that it was just vomit that I didn't even go with C, but instead stayed home with Special K so she could sleep. Of course she didn't sleep very well, and is very tired now.

And it was just vomit. Not "just" to him, the vomit left on his skin was very painful. When he vomits on my skin, I have to wash it off right away or it burns terribly. And I don't have baby skin. Little T once again showed his sweet easy going nature. Me, I'd have screamed a lot with vomit taped onto my skin and would not have been pawned off with a binky. Little T just screamed now and then and he was soothed by his binky.

I checked his Broviac just now and it was fine. So there's another reason he screamed just now. Looks like he's just tired and very frustrated that he can't put his Binky in his mouth himself.