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Target symbolYesterday my husband and my two kids tried to go shopping but emerged with literally nothing after 3 stores.  My healing broken toe throbbed, and I was starving.  The kids were too cranky to be put back in the car, so I hobbled to a noodle place in the same mall.  And I discovered I lost my purse.  Horror. 

I walked back to Target, but I was too worried to think about my toe.  I wandered the circuitous route we had taken around Target.  I could not find my purse.  No one had turned it in.   

I hobbled back to the noodle place to eat.  I had ordered the wrong noodle dish.  I was very sad.  Everything was going wrong. 

I had to try once more.  So we drove to Target.   I stood in the long Customer Service line.  I felt forlorn, and lost too.  I thought about how long it would take to replace my driver's license, credits cards, etc.  Time I did not have. I felt very very tired.

Then like a miracle, I saw my purse sitting behind the counter.  Thank you kind and honest person who returned my purse with everything inside!!! 

I was too tired to cry "Praise be!" but I must have looked very relieved.  The person behind the counter said "We paged you." in a kind voice.  I believe in miracles and the kindness of strangers.   

Today my nanny found my library card (lost by my daughter for a few days) and the comma key on my keyboard missing for over a week is now back on my keyboard. I believe in miracles.


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Mar. 26th, 2007 11:26 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad things worked out for you, turning what could have been a disasterous day into a day of small miracles.
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