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This morning I got my first ever pedicure with my friend Jenny. I loved it!!! It was wonderful!!! Best thing: I sat down for an hour and someone massaged my poor neglected feet and legs. I put my aching feet into a warm whirling foot bath or foot spa. I got a warm yogurt massage of my legs and then a nice rub with hot stones. And after a toe trim, my toenails were painted a nice bright plum.

For the first time in my life, my toes look beautiful. I keep looking down at my feet in amazement. Jenny says my toes look like candy. It made me feel more beautiful.

I feel like I'm slowly emerging from the cocoon of Little T's pregnancy, medical issues and constant visits to the hospital.

Now I have a new dream!! I have a dream that one day I'll be able to get a manicure.

My disability is weird. It doesn't affect my lower body at all, so a pedicure was no problem, but I jerk too much to get a manicure. But someday I'll find the right drug, so I can!