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Good news
The new pump works a lot better than the old one.  For example if Little T rips the tubing it does continue to pump formula all over the crib.  I stand and cheer for this one.  It means we don't have to fully wake the three of us up.  It means   The only problem is the alarm is higher pitched (bad for C) and softer (bad for me) so we don't always hear it.  We may try to get a prescription for the Zevek Infinity if the problem persists because it has a loud and soft alarm setting.

Little C can answer "Who?" questions. He's particularly good at identifying Thomas the train himself and his sister. Before he answered such questions with a blank look.

BTW if you have a car obsessed toddler who has trouble saying the 't' sound I highly recommend introducing Thomas the train into said child's life. Before Thomas he said "woo woo" for train and never said his own name. Now it's "Thomas" and [Little T] all the time.

I must admit the videos have the most insipid music close to Barney's but he's old enough and obsessed enough that I can leave the room. He stands about 2 inches away from the tv.

Also good news as read in the Ophthalmologist's office standing so close isn't bad for kids' eyes. He refused to cooperate with any of the tests including depth perception.  He was mad we switched off the tv.  However the Ophthalmologist checked his eyes and said they looked normal.   He'll go back before he's five and presumably more cooperative.

The IFSP meeting went well. We continue all our services and maybe we'll actually get an LVN to relieve C of a couple nights of Little T's feedings.

Our parents club is having a stuffed toy drive.  We had l3 stuffed toys to give away.  The email also explained how to wash stuffed animals in the washing machine.  I had no idea this could be done.  A white bear someone gave me in college is now white again instead of gray.  It's a small thing that brings me joy.

We finally got the kids' passports done.

Mixed news
The transition meeting from ISP to IEP confused me.  Then it concerned me.  Same story as with CCS.  Little T doesn't fix the standard categories and we have to get a diagnosis that mentions one of the many issues he has that fits the categories. Then I heard about Medical.  I had no idea he could qualify.  Lots and lots of paperwork to get all this.  But I hope I'll remain victorious.

Bad news

There are still many unresolved issues and to-dos for Little T most of which I have to deal with.  I think one of the issues I'm having is the feeling this will never end.  I'll always be chasing around agencies.  Logically I know this isn't true but I also know that this will be an issues until at least Little T turns 3 and moves on to new agencies. 

In my ideal world Little T is developing and growing so why my workload would shrink.  Instead we have new and different problems.  I am grateful that we have different problems instead of being stuck with the same problems.  Little T is now changing every week. It's wonderful to see.   I always knew he was a smart boy and now everyone can see it.  But I have a new worry to replace the old worries I had about Little T.  This new worry is better in that it is not life-threatening but unlike the previous worries it may be lifelong.  I'm just not willing to write more than that down though I have said it to C and his doctors. 

My library has only half the season of the second season of Buffy.  Also a small thing but disappointing.  It has every other season complete.