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I just decided to reduce clutter in my life. Well the truth is I decided again. This time I think I have a better system: If I buy something that's going to stay in my house, I have to find three things to give away, or at least put away until Little T gets older. When Little T gets older, I can bring things out, but then I have to give away 3 baby things. I just had my first test today -- a trip to Target. And so far so good. It made me think about whether I really wanted or needed something, because I value my time more than money and it's a little bit of a pain to find three things. So I didn't buy some snack containers.

So here's what I bought and gave/put away:

a size 3 soccer ball for Special K to learn how to kick. She's going to a soccer class later this summer
  • a wooden train she never plays with
  • an annoying Elmo car that ran out of its batteries
  • a sponge car she used to love, but now never plays with

    a large water bottle with measuring lines and a wide mouth for mixing up Little T's formula
  • a Haas water bottle with a hard straw that hurts my mouth
  • a KAWL plastic coffee holder with an opening in its lid so I can spill it if I jerk
  • a honey bear sippy cup that's incredibly annoying to clean

    The irony is that as I was making up this list and feeling very pleased and proud of myself, a delivery man on behalf of Coram called to deliver -- yes you guessed it more stuff!! At least it's formula so I don't have to give away more stuff.