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From rasping to screaming to sleeping

I'm sitting in my family room while little T tries to sleep. Periodically he wakes up and screams. He struggles to find his binky and put it back in his mouth, his latest trick. Sometimes he can put his binky back. Sometimes I put his binky back. I'm really glad he can scream now. For months when he was angry, he could only manage a raspy dying man wheeze. It meant we could take him anywhere, but it also meant that at times people gave him strange stares.

Earlier I called his eye doctor and gave him the number of our pharmacy, so he can get different antibiotic eye ointment. His left eye's infected with staph due to a blocked tear duct, one of his more minor medical issues. He finally falls asleep and snores really loudly. Special K's at preschool, so I have some time to write.