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Flu shot shortage

You know in any other year, the flu shot shortage wouldn’t bother me much. I mean sure, it’s nasty to get the flu, but I’d just hope for the best. Unfortunately this is very bad timing for us. The drugs that Little T needs to take suppress his immune system. In addition he’s still pretty fragile and of course he’s too young to get the flu shot anyway. So C K and I all need to get the flu shot. And our medical group had ordered flu shots from Chiron and now they have none and are scrambling to get shots from other places. We went to a flu clinic at Safeway last week and it was crazy. They had 200 flu shots and there were over 300 people there in a long long line that snaked around the the frozen foods aisle, the bakery and deli. A lot of elderly people who could barely stand, let alone wait in a line for hours were sitting on upside-down crates that the manager had brought out for them. I heard on the news that a lady died from waiting in line to get the flu shot.