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Little T gets a night primary nurse

C went to the NICU with my brother. Little T's night nurse who had been looking after him for 5 nights in a row said she wanted to be his primary nurse, because "he's so engaging when he's awake." That means a lot, because even though of course all the babies there require around the clock care, Torin requires a lot more hands-on nursing than the average baby there. Most of the babies who are there long enough to get a primary nurse, are frankly too premature to protest much at anything. They get 1 or 2 medications and don't have this arm that has to be wrapped and unwrapped. He's also a month old now and has gas or colic or whatever it is that makes babies extremely fussy at times. They can and do give him Ativan if they can't console him, but they do seem to try to comfort him first.