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First Halloween as a mother

I had my first Halloween as a mother and it encapsulated the highs and lows of being a mother. We (K dressed as a pumpkin and I dressed as a witch) went to the local Senior Center at lunchtime to hand out candy. After a while, K woke up enough to be charming and smiling to one and all. We had a lovely time.

Then I locked Special K in the car with the windows closed. I have a black interior car and it was 68 degrees outside. I've never felt so stupid in my entire life. I have VW roadside assistance, but the number and everything else was locked in my car. Fortunately another mother happened to have a Passat so I got the number. I made the call, explained the situation and was told they'd come in 20 minutes. They said to call 911 if I needed to.

K was a bit perplexed and restless, but okay for all but the last few minutes. Just as she was sliding into full meltdown mode, the tow truck arrived. Perhaps knowing she was about to rescued and soothed by the rumble of the tow truck's engine, Special K fell asleep. The driver mumbled about not being able to break into Passats, while I said a silent prayer to Freya. And after a few agonising moments he jimmied the lock, setting off the car alarm. Special K started screaming and I took her out of the dreaded car seat. A few minutes later, Special K was smiling again.