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Inchstone progress

Little T can stand for 30 seconds.

Little T now moves his own left hand onto the bar of his stroller. He shrugs his shoulder up or uses his right hand to lift up his left hand. It shows an increasing awareness of his left hand.

Little T is in the stage of development 'nuh nuh' where he replies that way to almost everything. Not as fun as the 'yeah' stage, but more appropriate for almost two.


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Aug. 28th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
You are just the best mom ever. I mean that.

Aug. 30th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks!! That's very sweet of you to say that. *hugs* back to you
Aug. 29th, 2006 01:37 am (UTC)
He must be so proud of himself when he's standing there!

I remember the "nuh nuh" stage. Get used to it! ;o)
Aug. 30th, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)
He's so very proud and I swear he reads my journal cos he said 'yeah' a lot today. :)
Aug. 29th, 2006 04:41 am (UTC)
Yay for the standing, and the manipulation of his arm - he's on his way!
Aug. 30th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
Hope you can see his latest tricks soon! :)
Aug. 29th, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
Way to go, Little T.

Just wait till he gets to the food on top of his head phase :)
Aug. 30th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
Oh he already decorates his head daily! LOL
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