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Why Water Owl's Movements?

Water comes from my first name Thida which means ‘water’ in English or ‘Daughter of the Furrows’ and yes, Thida has adventures in Burmese mythology. Owl comes from guide animal and my alma mater Bryn Mawr. Water Owl represents my odd combination of parts. Yes water owls exist. Movements refers to her movement disorder. Movements also refers to an odd expression in her family of origin "What are your movements?" meaning "What are you plans?"

My adventures began in utero when her English father and Burmese mother traveled overland from Europe to Thailand in a British army jeep. I was born one night in Bangkok. When I was two, I moved to London, Chelsea at the height of punk rock. Then at age ten I moved to Davis, California and went to a Catholic junior high where I was supposed to kiss boys. I did not find the transition easy.

My writing life began at the age of ten when her father took through the slums of Calcutta to meet Mother Teresa and I wrote my first story about the experience. Throughout my childhood, my parents took her to traveling across America and to various other countries.

I met my husband in a classic Silicon valley way: our romance bloomed as his startup melted. BC(Before children) I managed engineers. I even have an MBA from UC Berkeley. My name appears in the credits of the movie Starship Troopers.