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I've been having a lovely time socialising. It's helping relieve some of my stress concerning Little T's brachioplexus and another extremely stressful issue that's occuring at the same time. Both of which overwhelm me at different times and make me very sad, but I'm coping with. I'll blog about Little T's apts later.

On Saturday I went out to lunch and shopping with owlmoose and slsmallets. I haven't been shopping with friends in far too long. I really enjoyed myself, and even found some pants that fit. On Sunday I went to brunch with Mary Anne, Jed, Beth, Charlie (the editor of She's Such a Geek), Liz one of her partners, and Shannon a friend of MA's from U of Chicago. It was a small enough group that everyone could talk. Then we drove up to my parents' house and had dinner with my parents, sister and brother.

On Monday I went over to Mary Anne's ostensibly to write, but I had to go over to my hand apt, so we ended up talking instead. Then after Little T's apts we went over to Laurel's and met up with jennyrob and Sam as well. Laurel fed us delicious homemade spaghetti sauce with squash from her mom's garden.