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Little T the wonder slider and climber

Little T still has a lot to teach me. Yesterday he really wanted to go on the big kids' slides. He's still the size of an 11 month old and he couldn't actually reach the top of the slide, but he really wanted to slide down both the straight slide and the curly slide. He sat at the top until I helped him onto the curly slide, then he slid down. Then he protested and tried to climb up the curly slide until Laurel pushed him up. He strained and struggled with mighty effort and managed to hoist himself upwards. I reached down to pull him up until he scrambled up the slide. He banged his legs against the metal with joy when he reached the top.

I wish I had brought my camera.

Later he pulled up to the top of the big straight metal slide. On his first attempt he decided he wasn't ready yet, so he asked for help in getting off again. Then about twenty minutes later, Special K and her friends had filled the entire slide with sand. He decided he was ready and he slid down.

He also climbed several metal structures and a wood structure for bigger kids. The first time I hovered over him spotting him and helping him, but then he figured out to climb on his own. When he needed help, he called me over. And of course I watched him, ready to step in. Twenty minutes in, he banged his head once but it wasn't a serious injury. After a brief cuddle from me, he climbed right back up again.

I'm just as determined as he is. He gets all that moxie from somewhere after all. :) What I need to learn is to wait until I'm ready and to wait until I get help when I need it.



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Aug. 3rd, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC)
Obviously his disability isn't slowing him down one bit! :o)
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