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Sep. 20th, 2002

C has been sick since Labour Day and I'm going insane.
C pushed himself hard at work to meet a deadline and afterwards he got sick. He finally went to the doctor on Tuesday and got some antibiotics. Every time he starts to get better. He has a relapse and gets worse again. I don't know how mothers with two kids do it. Normally I don't feel C is a kid, but right now I do. I have to keep making him go to bed.

I'm going insane. Special K is teething which makes her very fussy and demanding. Yesterday I got a plugged duct and it was sooo painful!! I soaked it in warm salt water and had Special K breastfeed from it a lot and it was feeling better. But then last night while breasfeeding, she started fussing a lot and thrashing around, and kicked and hit my very sore boob. I started crying because it hurt so bad. Then C got all grumpy about it, because he was trying to sleep.

Normally I go talk to my mama, but she's out of the country and not reachable.