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The story of David Hasselhoff

As I wrote in February I fell in love with the David Hasselhoff video "Hooked on a Feeling". Apparently so did many other folks. If you haven't seen the video, you're missing out on many delights like Hasselhoff catching a fish between his teeth.

Flush with the success of this video, he started a small tour. In this concert video of "Hooked on A Feeling" , Hasselhoff says "It started a small phenomenon. In 1993 I made a video for about $10 and it was the biggest flop. Now it has 700,000 viewers."

Then he produced another video "Jump In My Car" Sadly this video doesn't capture the utter silliness of the original video and of course Hasselhoff is much older. He merely looks very sleazy. The video features K.I.T.T. and advertises hasselhofftour.com I traisped over there all excited. Yes, I'd pay to see Hasselhoff sing that silly song, but sadly no tour. David Hasselhoff is truly hooked on a feeling. He only seems to have one song in him. I would not pay to hear him sing "Jump In My Car. Watching him sing it in concert was even worse than the video.

However perhaps Hasselhoff may have more than one tv series in him (like Shatner who BTW also had one kickass song). Hasselhoff mentions before singing "Jump In My Car" about a possible pilot with a K.I.T.T. they found in Australia. Stay tuned.