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Mild contractions

I decided that I'll try to spare my child years of therapy and give him/her the nickname 'sweetpea' :)

I had mild contractions Monday morning through Tuesday night. They intensified when walking, but I was able to sleep through them Though my husband says I can sleep through almost anything. :) They were different than the Braxton-Hicks contractions I'd been having -- deeper inside and more like menstrual cramps. Still, I waited for some other sign (like my water breaking) to say 'this is it'. Today I woke up basically contraction-free and went for my weekly OB apt. I found out I'm only 50% effaced and less than a cm dilated.

My OB says that's normal for this stage of a first-time pregnancy, though the amount of contractions I've been having are unusual. So sweetpea is a big tease. :}