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This 1.1 million-dollar house on our street is almost identical to ours. Both are 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath houses built nine years ago by the same developer. No, we don't live in a mansion. Yes, housing prices here are crazy.

I got woken up by the 4.7 earthquake this morning. So did Little T. Fortunately we both went back to sleep. Normally I totally miss earthquakes, but I distinctly felt and saw the entire bedroom shake. C felt nothing. I was slightly worried we'd get a big earthquake before we sold our Oakland house. Well that house is all sold now, but perhaps the process gave me earthquake sonar. I've wanted to feel earthquakes since I moved out here over twelve years ago, and never felt a one until today. However I hate being woken up. So I'm not sure whether to be excited or annoyed with this newfound power. Maybe it wasn't an earthquake I felt, but sticker shock from the house down the street.