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Special K singing star

Special K sang today at her school assembly, such a singing star. She sang all the words and did all the motions of all the songs. Adoring parents videoed her performance. Last year she huddled on the mat, afraid of the crowd.

When I had to leave to go home for Little T's babysitter (C was staying with her at preschool), I asked her for a hug. She gave me a huge hug with her arms and legs and a big kiss too. So wonderful.

As I was driving home, I felt sad both that my girl was growing up and that I hadn't really adored her fully in a while, at least not with my full rapt attention. I'd been feeling tired, or focusing on Little T and his numerous needs, talking to C, or preoccupied with my book. In response she'd been trying to reach out to me, sometimes in positive ways, like trying to pretend we're Wonder Pets, and sometimes in negative ways by whining. And she deserves my full rapt attention just as much as Little T or C. I need to set up special time with her. I did before, but not on a consistent basis. We both really enjoyed it and it was really good for both of us.