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New Year's Resolutions

  • Continue Physical Therapy to improve my posture, and alleviate my tendonitis and RSI in my wrists

  • Continue Sensory training to help with my movement disorder

  • Retrain myself how to drive with ease and recapture my joy of driving I had as a teenager so I can drive on the highway again.

  • Figure out an exercise program that works for me and integrate regular exercise somehow into my life.

  • Finish and submit my non-fiction book proposal to at least seven agents

  • Get our wills finished and notarized

You'll notice this list is all about me. That's because I'm great about doing all the upteen things that need to be done for Little T and even for Special K, as I let my stuff slip further and further down. So my number #1 resolution is to put myself on the priority list and spend more time with people who support this goal.